14 Feb

Every plant needs a right kind of soil that holds apt pH level for growth of the plant. Moreover, there are many plants that are sensitive to soil pH; for example- heathers and Rhododendrons have no ability to tolerate lime in the soil.

Definition of soil pH

The alkalinity or acidity of the soil can be measured by potential Hydrogen ions (pH) using specialized soil testing instruments. Soil pH is a measure of the lime amount present in the soil and the type of soil that you use for plant. In general, moist climate areas have acidic soils, whereas dry regions have alkaline soils. Now you will ask what this acidic and alkaline soil is. Acidic soil has lower pH than 7.0, while alkaline soil has higher pH than 7.0.

You need to make adjustment in the soil so that it can suit the plant and let it grow healthy.

How to test the soil pH?

You can contact manufacturers of soil testing instruments and buy an inexpensive pH test kit from them. This type of test kit has a test tube, testing solution, and a color chart. To perform soil testing using this kit, you need to –

Put a sample of your soil in the test tube

Add a few drops of testing solution to the test tube.

Shake it well and leave it for an hour to settle.

Note down the color of the soil that got changed due to its pH level.

Compare it with color chart and matching color will tell you the exact pH level of the soil

How to adjust your soil pH?

Once you complete the pH testing method and determine the pH, you can amend the soil and if in case you need to relocate your plants in your garden, you can use materials available at your native garden center.

How to make soil more alkaline?

It is always easier to make soil more alkaline than acidic. You can add 4 ounces of hydrated lime/ sq yard to sandy soil. The amount of lime increases for loamy, clay, and peaty soil to 8 ounces, 12 ounces, and 25 ounces, respectively.

Always take advice from soil lab testing instruments or NDT testing equipment suppliers before making any change in the soil as excess of lime is dangerous for plants.

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