How to sell your car safely ?

20 Mar

Car owners usually sell their vehicle when they want to get a new model. To gain maximum profit from the deal, they try the best to get the money they deserve. Engine cylinder sleeves manufacturers are here to interrupt and tell that cost is not the only thing to consider while selling your car. You never know the person may be a scammer to whom you are selling your car and if it happens, you will experience a nightmare in reality. Keep yourself safe while selling your vehicle is important. How to do it? Here are some useful tips-

Decide meeting at public place

Whether you have used online advertisement or newspaper ad sections to get connect with your buyer, you must meet the person at public place. When you plan a meeting at well-populated place in the middle of the day, the risk of a violent car theft decreases. Scammers will get scared from more witnesses and won’t take your car by force.

If you are planning to call the buyer to your home, DON’T DO THAT. BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHO IS THE PERSON.

Always prefer cash over cheque

Car scammers often give you a wrong cheque to access your car for free. You must be strict about the deal and ask the buyer to give you hard cash only. In case you get a limited number of buyers who are willing to pay you cash, you can consider the cheque. However, before accepting the cheque, you must contact the trusted bank and verify the funds prior giving your car keys or you can tell the buyer once the cheque gets clear, you will handle the keys.

Tip- If a person is willing to pay your more than your expected price, it’s a fraudulent alert!

Take test drive seriously

There is nothing wrong if your buyer expects a test drive before buying the car. However, this is also an opportunity for the scammer to steal your car. It’s better to have a friend with you who can give you company while the test drive. Also you must request the buyer’s driving license and have a scanned copy of it. You can use his license to scan the public record to check criminal history record.

Market research to get the best resale price

Ask second hand car dealers about resale value of your vehicle. This will give you an idea to calculate the average resale price value of your car.

You can bring car mechanic at your place or take your vehicle to garage to find and fix all major and minor faults in the car. In case your car engine parts need replacement, contact your local cylinder sleeves manufacturers. These manufacturers deal in different car parts throughout the globe. You may get a good and cheap deal from local manufacturer. If you don’t have much time to travel to the manufacturer, you can always use ecommerce websites to order online.

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